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Manchester's most trusted asian jewellers

Eastern Gold Co are committed to providing fine diamonds, gold bullion & quality 22ct gold jewellery, backed by exemplary customer service. We strive to become the premier retail jewellers and elevate the perception of asian jewellers selling in the United Kingdom.

With more than half a million customers shopping with us every year, Eastern Gold Co is now one of the largest specialty retailers in the United Kingdom. Founded by a husband and wife team who come from a long line of international jewellers spanning over more than 6 generations, we have grown from traditional asian jewellers to multi-channel global retailers and manufacturers. 

Our Experience

Celebrating 40 Years of Business

Eastern Gold Co is a family run business established in 1981. We pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality jewellery and personal service that has made us the top choice jewellers for over 40 years. We offer timeless designs for all created with the highest quality gold, diamonds and gemstones. Every piece is expertly crafted in the UK, where exceptional quality is our priority.

Our customers can choose from thousands of beautifully crafted designs from traditional asian jewellery to modern high jewellery. We also specialise in state-of-the-art mountings to ensure your diamond jewellery is set to perfection.

Our designs are continually evolving to reflect the latest trends in international jewellery making, while still maintaining an eye for elegant craftsmanship and traditional values. Visit us today where our skilled staff are on hand to offer you the best service for all your jewellery needs.

Your trusted online jewellers for over 20 years

We've been pioneers of online jewellery shopping since 2002 and have established ourselves as one of the UK’s most trusted online asian jewellery outlets. We are the original online jewellery retailer born in the heart of Manchester, with over 20 years of ecommerce experience.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, quality range of products and satisfied customers all over the globe. Just like you hold us in high regard for our products, we too believe you deserve to be respected and treated with care by who you do business with.

Metaverse and the future of jewellery retail

Eastern Gold Jewellers are leading the way in jewellery retail technology. We are setting trends, and finding new ways to bring the jeweller and consumer closer together using sights and sounds and more importantly, touch through augmented reality & virtual reality.

We aim to offer a large number of products, recreated in photorealistic 3D so you can try on the item without leaving the comfort of your own home. We hope our future stores will be globally accessible, making it possible for customers to not only browse our products but to customise their pieces to match their style and express their authentic selves with fine jewellery.

A hallmark of trust and excellence in customer care

Our vision is to be the leader in world-class customer experience through a unique, luxurious and distinguished shopping destination for fine jewellery. Eastern Gold Co is committed to offering outstanding customer service. 

We set out to create an unparalleled shopping experience that showcases the finest selection of diamonds, gold bullion, 22ct gold jewellery and other jewellery related services.Through our combination of heritage craftsmanship, innovation, bold creativity and uncompromising attention to detail, we continue to elevate the shopping experience.

For over 40 years, we have established a strong reputation within the industry and among our customers. We offer custom made jewellery and a selection of some of the most sought after designs from around the world. We provide timely delivery and professional customer service for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries and even Valentine’s Day!

Responsibly sourced jewellery

At Eastern Gold, you will find the finest quality, purest gold and natural diamonds. Our jewellery is made of 18ct or 22ct gold that is responsibly mined and recycled, preventing our precious natural resources from being wasted and ensuring that we do not encourage conflict or human rights violations in the mining and manufacturing processes. We also offer jewellery which is 100% recycled gold on request and as such is as close as you can get to a green, eco friendly jewellery collection. 

Our conflict free diamonds are sourced from suppliers who are certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). The Kimberley Process is an international regime that aims to eliminate the trade in rough diamonds used to finance conflict. The regime was conceived in response to public outcry following reports of trafficking of "conflict diamonds" during the civil wars in Angola, Liberia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. It seeks to stem the trade by requiring governments to put in place systems ensuring all domestic sales of rough diamonds are only processed through official channels.

In addition to this, we repair broken pieces, replace gemstones, redesign your pieces into something that reflects your personal style and create custom designs that are truly unique pieces. Every piece of jewellery that leaves our studio is completely insured so be assured you will receive top quality service at all times.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

I wanted to purchase my asian wedding jewellery but I was worried about getting taken advantage of. The pleasant and knowledgeable staff at Eastern Gold made us feel like we’re in the presence of an actual family jeweller and not just a salesperson. He helped select the right jewellery pieces to match my wedding dress within our budget.
Dr Amina Ahmed
Finding an honest jeweller can be frustrating. There are hundreds of asian jewellers but finding the right one for me was difficult. I was looking for someone local who caters for special occasions like designer asian wedding jewellery or platinum engagement rings as well as doing emergency jewellery repairs. Thankfully Mr Rashid at Eastern Gold Co helped us with all our needs. They offer jewellery at competitive prices and excellent service by taking care of all our jewellery needs.
Noor Ali
When it came to my wedding rings, I was overwhelmed with all the choices. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I visited more than 20 jewelers in Manchester before buying my rings. And this was my second time around! I'll never forget the salesman's disdain when I explained my situation to another jeweller. Until I walked into Eastern Gold, one look around and I knew they'd be my final stop. Once in the store, I felt like royalty... This is not your average jeweller - Eastern Gold Co has every potential customer's dream in mind. As you walk in, you are greeted by an impeccably dressed staff that will ask if they can take you on a personal tour of their showroom. It's like nothing else out there!
Rebecca Cowen
I was thinking of buying a diamond engagement ring but buying 22ct gold jewellery online is one of the most daunting and stressful tasks I’ve faced. Thankfully the professional and courteous staff were happy to guide me to the perfect ring for my budget. I checked out their reviews page to see all the lovely people who said such kind things about them. After an introductory phone call, I popped into their Manchester showroom and discussed my requirements further and viewed their wide range of diamond rings before finally selecting the one she said yes to!
Tyrone Johnston
Eastern Gold offers a selection of over 3000 diamond ring designs that they keep in stock, and they can custom-design diamond jewellery to fit any dreams or taste. They provide exceptional customer service and uphold a reputation as leading British Asian jewellers.
Dr Mohamed Saeed
This is the first time I have ever bought asian jewellery online. I'm so happy I did, because this experience as a person who requires a wheelchair was so much better than going to the typical inaccessible asian jewellery markets. It was easy to order on their website, they had great communication during the order process and had very quick delivery.
Sophie Haslam

Visit our store

Our flagship store in Manchester is located on the famous “Curry Mile”. We have a large retail showroom to carry out service work and repairs, showcase new designs and offer custom made engagement rings for our customers. Our business is based on providing professional advice, design craftsmanship, value for money and excellent customer service.

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