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Let us show you how a little adjustment can go a long way. Our watch strap adjustment service will help you find your PERFECT FIT on most luxury & designer watches.

The beauty of wristwatches is shown to its best advantage when worn comfortably on the wrist. An ill-fitting watch strap can be swiftly corrected with a quick adjustment from our showroom while you wait, no appointment necessary.

When you choose to have your luxury/designer watch straps adjusted with an expert, it will change the way all of your watches fit and feel, giving you ultimate comfort that lasts. Our service is straightforward and transparent. 

We adjust straps for most luxury watches including brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Cartier, Tag and many more.

Not quite feeling that new watch purchase? That’s because it has not yet been adjusted to fit you perfectly. Either it sits too loosely on your wrist or the watch strap is too tightand  will pinch your hand making wearing the watch uncomfortable.

It is uncomfortable? It will fall off? And you can’t trust someone to leave your watch with overnight.

Our skilled technicians will adjust the watch strap for you, helping you find your perfect fit. You don’t need to go to the costly repairmen. We can do it while you wait. A happy customer with a watch that fits perfectly and looks great. With 40 years of experience in adjusting straps & bracelets our adjustment experts can adjust almost any kind of strap, which will get you wearing your designer watch with ease, getting the fit you imagine for your perfect watch.