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Let your finger do the talking. Eastern Gold is here to make your ring size dreams come true once and for all, with our expert craftsmen who are also jewelry designers so they know what they’re doing. No muss, no fuss...just a perfect fit every time. So if you want a special piece that has always been out of reach due to imperfect sizing or simply unable to wear something beautiful because it doesn't quite fit like you want it too - let us make your dream again possible!

Because we don’t believe you should have to lose the rings you love. We at Eastern Gold, are experienced in size adjusting your ring without damaging it or the gem stones.. Even Diamond rings! Don't settle for damaged jewellery that can't be resized and is left out of your collection on a shelf collecting dust. Bring them back into rotation with our experts' help today.

Wearing your wedding ring only in the safety of your home. Or maybe taking it off completely because it doesn’t fit anymore. You and your partner have been together for a long time, you love each other and are still happily married. But the ring won’t fit on your finger or maybe your fingers have just gotten fatter or skinnier. Either way, it's not fun to give up the ring

What if you could adjust the ring to fit with no damage to the band? Our expert craftsmen can make any ring bigger or smaller so that you can wear them again with no damage to the ring or the diamond. No need to give up a favorite ring or engagement ring.

Just contact Eastern Gold and let our expert craftsmen work their magic on the size of your ring by making it bigger or smaller. Contact us for details on how to make your favorite rings wearable again.