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Have you ever lost your treasured diamond from your wedding ring? Then, you search the internet for a way to fix this but it's more expensive than what you expected. Also, you still have no idea how things went wrong to begin with. Eastern Gold's Diamond & Gemstone Resetting service provides expert gemsetters that can repair your wedding ring. Our highly skilled use the necessary equipment to ensure you get your diamond back into the ring again!

I still have my stone

Our expert gemsetters can fix your jewellery. Our staff consists of professionally trained gemsetters who have an extensive range of experience in resetting diamonds, precious stones & synthetic gems into jewellery pieces of all sorts. Whether you want your jewellery pieces to sparkle or you want to repair a favourite bracelet, we can help you restore any piece of jewellery to its original glory.

Bring your jewellery and stone to our showroom. Our onsite technician will help you understand why the stone fell out and talk you through the steps to repair your item.

I lost my stone

Today, most diamonds & gemstones are set into a prong setting. Prongs are usually made of gold, platinum or palladium. Over time, prongs can deform, break or even fall off the stone leaving a gap for them to fall out.  

Eastern Gold has the expertise to re-set and restore your ring with diamonds, cubic zircons, precious gemstones, pearls and synthetic alternatives to match your budget.